Aragón (Spain)
Illueca is a municipality in the province of Zaragoza, strategically located in the middle of the triangle Madrid-Barcelona-Bilbao, 22 km from the A2 (Madrid-Barcelona) highway. This area of influence is home to more than 25 million consumers and 70% of Spain’s companies.
Main distances
  • Zaragoza - 80 Km
  • Madrid - 275 Km
  • Barcelona - 375 Km
  • Bilbao - 287 Km
  • Valencia - 310 Km
Illueca has an important industry tradition: shoe manufacturing has been the main economic driver in the area, which has led to the development of a relevant auxiliary industry and an important network of complementary services like transportation or maintenance.
The average worker profile demanded by the shoe industry, which has shaped the local labor market, is characterized by their work flexibility, adapted to the needs of the production calendar, and shows a very low labor conflict rate. (+34) 976 820 055 (+34) 976 820 055
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